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Edye St. Hill

Edye St. Hill

Edye St. Hill, MBA, is the founder and Chief Ignite Officer of Ignite Consulting Group, dedicated to connecting individuals and organizations with passion and purpose. Combined with mastery of sales and leadership skills, Edye’s approach propels organizational performance, tapping into the talents, passions and discretionary efforts of all team members…

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Steve Farber

Steve Farber

Listed as one of Inc’s global Top 50 Leadership and Management Experts, Steve Farber is a Leadership Pioneer, Strategist, Keynote Speaker and Bestselling Author on Extreme Leadership. His expertise is in creating organizational cultures where leadership is not just an opportunity and obligation for those in authority, but for everyone at all levels…

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Kathleen Seeley

Kathleen Seeley

Kathleen Seeley is an acclaimed international speaker, facilitator and leadership consultant. As a presenter, she is engaging, articulate, humorous, and insightful, making learning a dynamic professional and personal growth experience. Her roles have brought her in direct contact with all levels of business and government…

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Do what you love in the service of people who love what you do.

~ Steve Farber, Extreme Leadership

Programs & Qualifications

Edye brings together the “why, how and what” of leadership and engagement. Ignite Consulting Group works with proven and inspiring processes that are measurable, scaleable and focused specifically on clarifying and achieving the priorities of your business.  While most agree on the value of engagement, the “how” can seem nebulous.

Ignite Consulting Group brings a clear line of site on how to lead for exemplary results. Individual Ignite Your Life programs are available to assist you in connecting with your ideal life, livelihood or both.

The Art of Success

Live Your Passions!

To accomplish a chosen undertaking is synonymous with success; however, learning to master more significant tasks is often our real challenge. That’s where the Premier Experts® in this book come in. They have achieved mastery in their various fields and are willing to share their secrets and methods of mastery with you. An integral quality of successful people is their willingness to help others succeed.

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