Edye St. Hill

Edye St. Hill

Edye St. Hill, MBA, is the founder and Chief Ignite Officer of Ignite Consulting Group, dedicated to connecting individuals and organizations with passion and purpose. Combined with mastery of sales and leadership skills, Edye’s approach propels organizational performance, tapping into the talents, passions and discretionary efforts of all team members. As an executive within one of the worlds highest rated banks, Edye achieved top awards for sales excellence, leadership and project management. In 2005 she completed her MBA from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario and began helping her clients create a competitive edge.

Through Ignite Consulting Group, Edye brings together a dynamic team of business leaders, top consultants and best-selling authors on leadership and engagement. As part of her commitment to lifelong learning she has certifications to coach and deliver several programs by bestselling authors. She is a certified Canfield trainer in The Success Principles. She is also certified to deliver Extreme Leadership by Steve Farber, Infinite Possibilities by Mike Dooley and the Passion Test by the Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood, as well as offering her own customized programs. Edye is a member of the National Association of Experts, Writers and Speakers. She ignites and delights audiences around the globe with knowledge, humor and inspiration to live their ideal lives and livelihoods.

Over the past several years, Edye has also worked as an independent consultant delivering advanced sales, negotiation, coaching and leadership programs with global leaders in sales training. She has taught workplace communications for international master’s students and has worked with two management development centers to create and deliver programs in leadership and advanced facilitation skills.

Her personal development includes learning that supports a broad spectrum of skills that she brings to her individual and group programs. She is certified in Deep Democracy – training in skills to facilitate through deep-rooted conflict based on Jungian psychology. She has certified in hypnosis and been a member of the Association of integrated Psychology as well as being a NLP master practitioner and train the trainer of NLP based on the gestalt theory of psychology. She has gained exposure to various modalities through certifications in Reiki and other intuitive development programs. Edye is a certified yoga siromani and meditation teacher.

She is a committed philanthropist who serves on a Business Advisory Board, for enactus.ca, an organization that engages young action leaders, business leaders and academics in an entrepreneurial World Cup Challenge to create meaningful progress toward the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Edye leads volunteer teams with DevelopingWorldConnections.org and is active in her local community. She is a cofounder of Team Canzania, an MBA team that climbed Kilimanjaro to raise the capital for a global business project to assist a village in Tanzania.

Her favorite pastimes are hiking, sailing and travelling around the world for work, play, life-long learning and to lead volunteer teams. Edye’s highest vision is a planet that taps into the passions, talents and strengths of individuals, collectively creating a global interdependence that elevates lives.

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Is your Life and Work full of passion, meaning and purpose? Do you wake up most often, excited about your day? Contact Edye for insights on programs available for individuals to bring clarity on living your ideal passionate life, livelihood and relationships. Edye provides consultation on resources available for employee engagement, cultural transformation, and sales leadership mastery that supports a culture of engagement.

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